Surplus Medical Equipment, Parts, Supplies, and Inventory Services

Medical Equipment Solutions purchases and resells medical equipment, parts and supplies from hospitals and medical facilities. 

We provide free inventory services to the facilities we purchase from before transporting the items to our Beaumont, Texas warehouse.

Following purchase we clean and check each piece and then make them available to qualified customers through our online stores at and Ebay.

We sell items on consignment for facilites we service that have high end equipment that they wish to maximize their return on.

You won’t have to keep storing your surplus equipment until it sells if you’re a hospital or medical facility selling equipment to us.

We will make you an offer to pay for and remove equipment right away.

Types of equipment we sell includes…
OR/ Surgical Defibrillators
ICU/CCU Monitors/Telemetry
Infusion pumps/Devices Beds & Stretchers
Endoscopy/Laparoscopy Exam rooms
ENT Instruments, Hand pieces & Tools
Anesthesia Parts & Supplies


Medical Equipment Solutions, Medical Equipment & Supplies, Beaumont, TX