About Us

Medical Equipment Solutions was founded by Stephen Rousset in 2007.  In honor of Steve’s memory, we donate regularly to the American Cancer Society and have provided a link here, should you like to do the same.  https://www.cancer.org/involved/donate.html

Due to Steve’s commitment and hard work, he provided us a solid platform allowing us the opportunity to continue serving the used medical equipment market for many years to come.  Our company is efficiently run by a team dedicated to honoring his integrity, honesty and dependability.

Turning it Green

MEDICAL EQUIPMENT SOLUTIONS will provide you a strong purchase bid, converting your retired equipment into cash! We are HIPAA Compliant and offer professional de-installation on a wide variety of equipment. Our direct payment, at time of pickup, will provide immediate financial gain to your facility, in both certified funds and opening up the valuable space your facility needs.

Keeping it Green

MEDICAL EQUIPMENT SOLUTIONS has been and will continue to be committed to preserving our planet; recycling, re-using and reducing medical waste in every way possible. Assisting in that endeavor, we regularly donate volumes of equipment to Project C.U.R.E., one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the world that delivers medical supplies and equipment to developing countries. Your retired equipment can save lives in more ways than one!